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Politics and Economics | Foreign Policy
30 January 2019
Helen Clark On Jacinda Ardern’s Kindness Quotient
“Jacinda Ardern’s sudden, spectacular rise to the position of New Zealand’s prime minister in 2017 propelled her into headlines around the world. Deservedly so,” Helen Clark writes in a piece for Foreign Policy magazine.
“In an era defined by the emergence…

New Zealand | The Drum
30 January 2019
How Tourism NZ Lures Visitors with WeChat
For a small island nation, tucked away in the South Pacific, New Zealand has an interesting challenge: to attract tourists to its picturesque shores, but not too many. Marketing…
Business | Business Insider
29 January 2019
Malware Doesn’t Sleep and Nor Does Emsisoft
Christian Mairoll is the CEO of malware protection business Emsisoft – a New Zealand-based company with no offices, where every single one of his 40 or so employees works remotely, including Mairoll who works from his…
Nature | Atlas Obscura
29 January 2019
Candyman’s Quiet Quest to Collect Banana Varieties
In Alega, American Samoa some delicious banana varieties are getting harder to find. A New Zealander, known only as Candyman, collects the fruit…
Film & TV | Inside Film
28 January 2019
Big New Zealand Presence at Berlinale and SXSW
Ten New Zealand features and shorts including a record number by female directors will screen in official selection at the Berlin International Film Festival in February…
Community/General | Swissinfo
26 January 2019
No Worries for Swiss Family in New Zealand
Even though she’d never been here before, Eva Hefti took the chance and moved with her family to New Zealand. Her husband had found a job in Northland which, due to the shorter working hours…
Politics and Economics | Financial Times
28 January 2019
Hopes World Will Follow Our Wellness-Based Policies
In an article featured in the Financial Times, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern urges the world’s governments to focus on…
Sport General | GQ
23 January 2019
Liam Mallone Running Down a New Track
Double-amputee and Paralympic gold medalist, Nelson-born Liam Mallone, 25, talks to Britain’s GQ magazine about anxiety, depression and how a life-changing car accident…
Sport General | ESPN
23 January 2019
Legend of Scrabble Nigel Richards Continues to Grow
Hunched motionless over the board and calling out his word scores in a voice slightly louder than a whisper was four-time World English Scrabble champion…
Design | Haute Living
30 January 2019
New McLaren Spider a Car with Heritage
Bruce McLaren, a New Zealander, started racing in his teens and worked his way up to Formula One driver, winning the US Grand Prix in 1959 and, at age 22, was the youngest such winner up…
Still Counting - Marilyn Waring on Wellbeing Economics
Taste | Idaho Statesman
24 January 2019
Kiwi Shake and Bake Opens in Idaho
“Intrigued Boiseans are feasting” at a newly opened bakery and café in Idaho in the United States, which is serving up traditional New Zealand meat pies, mousetraps, cakes and…
Taste | Financial Times
25 January 2019
Chef Jess Murphy on Ireland’s Food Renaissance
Ireland’s national cuisine is being redefined – thanks to a growing number of very ambitious chefs, including New Zealander Jess Murphy, 39, who runs Kai in…
Taste | Broadsheet
25 January 2019
Adelaide Café Clement + Herron Shines
In Australian city guide Broadsheet’s coverage of this year’s café openings, “avocado” wasn’t mentioned anywhere near as much as in previous years. And that’s a good thing. Operators are…
Taste | TimeOut
24 January 2019
Say Hello to Hong Kong’s Only Locally Distilled Gin
Gin is having a bit of a moment in Hong Kong, and everywhere for that matter. “However, there’s not been a gin actually made and distilled in Hong Kong…
New Zealand | London Evening Standard
27 January 2019
Ten Wonders to See in the South Island
From fiords to world-class vineyards, and forested mountains to Alpine lakes, London Evening Standard journalist Kate Springer discovers the South Island’s…
New Zealand | Forbes
28 January 2019
Best Luxury Lodges in the North Island
The North Island’s “enchanting” luxury lodges are reviewed in a travel piece by Forbes contributor, Amber Gibson, who visits Huka Lodge (pictured), Wharekauhau Country…
Community/General | Guardian (The)
31 January 2014
5 Years Ago – Large Numbers of Australians Flocking to NZ to Wed
More than a quarter of all same-sex marriages in New Zealand are couples from Australia, according to the Registrar of Births Deaths’ …
Writers | New York Times (The)
29 January 2009
10 Years Ago – Is it or Isn’t It
University of Canterbury professor of philosophy Denis Dutton’s latest book The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution – which supposes that art appreciation stems first from evolutionary adaptions…
Fashion | Sport & Street
14 January 2004
15 Years Ago – The Future is Kiwi?
The latest issue of Italian trend prediction magazine and style bible, Sport & Street Collezioni, includes a significant spread on NZ fashion, with Nom*D as the headlining feature. S&S on…
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