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Music | New York Times (The)
06 April 2022
Aldous Harding’s Latest a NY Times Critic’s Pick
“On her fourth album, Warm Chris, the New Zealand singer and songwriter [Aldous Harding] delivers unpredictable but enchanting vocals and enigmatic lyrics that revel in simplicity,” Lindsay Zoladz writes in a music review for The New York Times.

“Harding is…

Film & TV | Screen Daily
05 April 2022
Brace Yourself for Peter Day’s Feature Off the Rails
New Zealander Peter Day’s “bracingly kinetic snapshot of contemporary British urban youth”, Off the Rails recently premiered at the…
Music | NME
04 April 2022
Solar Power the Best Song in the World
Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ has won Best Song In The World at the BandLab NME Awards 2022, with the title track of the New Zealand pop star’s latest album, beating nine other…
Science/Tech | Green Queen
04 April 2022
Miruku About to Disrupt Global Dairy Industry
Founded in 2020 by former New Zealand dairy executive Amos Palfreyman (pictured left) and Israeli food tech innovator Professor Oded Shoseyov, molecular farming…
Sport General | BBC Sport
03 April 2022
UFC’s Israel Adesanya in His Own Words
A world-class striker, an elite entertainer and an enigma on the mic – the mention of the name Israel Adesanya elicits a number of opinions from MMA fans. But for the…
Wine | Wine Enthisiast
02 April 2022
Māori Winemakers Interconnected with Whenua
In New Zealand today, there are around half a dozen Māori-owned wineries, Christina Pickard writes in a story for the February/March issue of Wine Enthusiast. New…
Music | DIY
01 April 2022
Lychee a Mark of Benee’s Distinct Voice
“Where 2020 debut album Hey U X saw Benee gather an impressive guest list (Lily Allen, Gus Dapperton, Bakar) to pepper her bedroom pop with outside influences, the…
Design | Homes & Gardens
31 March 2022
Designer Veere Grenney Brings Beauty to Life
Veere Grenney could fairly be said to be a leading ‘decorators’ decorator’. Creating timelessly elegant interiors for more than 30 years, the New Zealand-born,…
Music | Pitchfork
30 March 2022
Will the Real Aldous Harding Please Stand Up?
New Zealander Aldous Harding remains in an off-kilter space throughout Warm Chris, her third collaboration with producer John Parish, who’s worked alongside PJ…
Writers | Guardian (The)
29 March 2022
Becky Manawatu’s Auē an Enthralling Bestseller
Things have gone right for New Zealand author Becky Manawatu. “Spectacularly,” Tina Makeriti writes in a review for The Guardian. “Unusually for a…
Film & TV | Vanity Fair
28 March 2022
Vanity Fair Cover For Director Jane Campion
A decade ago, she almost walked away from movies. Now, New Zealander Jane Campion is the only woman ever nominated twice for an Oscar best director thanks to The Power of…
Nature | New York Times (The)
27 March 2022
Bruce Glavovic Urges Climate Scientists to Strike
Sometimes, Massey University professor Dr Bruce Glavovic feels so proud to be an environmental scientist, studying coastal planning and teaching future…
Nature | Wired
01 April 2002
Kiwis: Our Sheep Don’t Stink
The No.8 gene gets Wired for the 21st Century: “With about 45 million sheep and only 5 million people, New Zealanders hear their fair share of sheep jokes. When it comes to…
Business | inc.com
01 April 2007
NZ a Modern Treasure Hunter’s Dream
NZ features in a “21st century treasure map” for entrepreneurial Americans…
Business | Monocle
01 April 2012
Innovation Drive
Wellington software developers Resn, a “company celebrated worldwide for its creative excellence”, is included in a…
Nature | CBS News
01 April 2017
Kea’s Laughter Positively Contagious
New Zealand’s alpine parrot the kea has become the first non-mammal to show signs of…
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