Step Inside a Sandra Nunnerley Aspen Interior

For designer Sandra Nunnerley, New Zealand native and New York transplant, a home’s interiors should always be site-specific. Such is the case for all of her projects, but especially so for a ski chalet in Aspen that seamlessly hits the sweet spot between comfortable and luxurious, Jessica Cherner writes for an Architectural Digest “web exclusive home tour”.

In Aspen, Nunnerley took a cue from the surrounding mountains’ natural ruggedness and overwhelming beauty. “Working with the home’s preexisting wonderful wood detailing,” she says, I wanted to continue the warm and welcoming feel, so I brought in such textures as mohairs, felts, and wools.” The goal was to “infuse the house with elegance and mobility” that didn’t compete with the mountain.

Throughout the seven-bedroom home, Nunnerley swathed the walls in delicious, earthy shades, giving each space a uniquely cosy feel, Cherner writes for AD.

Her ultimate goal was for this vacation house to feel like a real home where both the family and their many guests are comfortable and at ease. “Nothing is precious in this house; everything is meant to be used and loved,” she notes.

Original article by Jessica Cherner, Architectural Digest, February 22, 2021.

Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson.

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