Sandra Nunnerley Launches Sculptural Corian Tables

What happens when you shape Corian, a material best known for kitchen and bathroom applications, into modern furniture? Something arrestingly beautiful – more indicative of museum-grade sculpture than a mere functional sink and countertop. But that is exactly what accomplished Wellington-born New York-based interior designer Sandra Nunnerley has achieved with her ‘Celestial Collection’ of Corian tables, Alfredo Mineo writes in a story for Wallpaper magazine.

“The great thing [about Corian] is that you can use it in sculptural forms and we can do wonderful inlays. You can inlay bronze in it. You could do all sorts of things with it,” Nunnerley, owner of the eponymous interior design studio in Manhattan, says.

A key consideration, besides the aesthetics that can be achieved with Corian, says Nunnerley, is that “you can move these tables around. They’re light, in comparison to marble tables.”

Original article by Alfredo Mineo, Wallpaper, November 21, 2022.

Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson.

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