Analiese Gregory Opening Tasmanian Anti-Restaurant

New Zealand-born Tasmania-based chef Analiese Gregory, who lists high-profile restaurants such as London’s The Ledbury and Spain’s Mugaritz on her resume, as well as Sydney’s three-hatted Quay and Hobart’s two-hatted Franklin, is in the process of converting one of her sheds into an intimate eatery where she’ll serve a menu of hyper-local food to 10 people at a time. Sarah Norris reports on the new lunchtime business venture for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“For me, it’s going to be an anti-restaurant. It’ll be the antithesis to the restaurants I’ve worked before. I’m trying for it to be very low-key, very low-stress,” Gregory says.

She’ll be using pigs reared down the road, octopus and abalone plucked from the nearby sea, and ingredients you seldom find in a bigger eatery because of costs and supply, Norris writes.

“The thing with Tasmania is no one will deliver stuff here, or very few people would, so a lot of the time we’ll be driving around to farms and fishermen to pick things up,” Gregory says.

Original article by Sarah Norris, The Sydney Morning Herald, January 31, 2024.

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