Comedian Melanie Bracewell Living the Dream

Describing her work with Australian comic Tim McDonald on The Cheap Seats, Auckland-born Melanie Bracewell says with self-effacing charm, “Tim brings a lot of hard work, determination and vision; I bring vibes.” The 27-year-old writer and comedian is only partly kidding. She’s both admiring of her co-host and able to retain a sense of wonder at how she’s landed such a great gig, Debi Enker writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Cheap Seats premiered quietly in July 2021. A studio-based talk show, it bounces off the news of the week, it features clips culled from around the world selected for their potential to inspire lively discussion and laughter, Enker writes.

“I just feel so lucky. I could be twisting balloons for crying children or trying to paint the face of a child who clearly doesn’t want her face painted. I think back to those times and go, ‘This is a pretty mint job, it’s pretty great,’” Bracewell says.

Bracewell, who has written for New Zealand’s The Project and Wellington Paranormal, received the Billy T Award for the country’s best emerging comedian.

Original article by Debi Enker, The Sydney Morning Herald, May 9, 2023.

Photo by Simon Schluter.

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