Auckland Home Has Rooms with All the Views

“The design of this newly listed home in [Maraetai] Auckland will make your head spin – literally,” Abby Montanez writes for luxury lifestyle magazine, Robb Report. “Dubbed The Lighthouse, the three-bedroom spread positioned along the picturesque Pohutukawa Coast has a trick up its sleeve – it rotates 360 degrees.”

“The seaside stunner was designed and built in the ‘90s by owner and engineer Don Dunick. Once set into motion, the innovative structure can make a full spin in just 33 minutes, capturing views of the shimmering sea and green forest,” Montanez writes.

“Dunick’s journey to creating the one-of-a-kind abode was a project five years in the making, The Guardian reported. He told the British daily newspaper that he originally got the idea from his engineering co-workers and enlisted the bunch to help construct the one-of-a-kind pad.

“‘The advantage is that you can change the view, you can change the sun, you can get out of the wind or into the wind … If there is a storm coming at night [and] you don’t want that on your bedroom windows, you turn it,’ Dunick told The Guardian.”

Original article by Abby Montanez, Robb Report, February 22, 2024.

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