Why New Zealand Novelists are Making Waves

When author Emily Perkins decided her next novel would be set in the New Zealand capital, her editors in the UK were pleased. The 53-year-old says this specific detail “seemed to spark interest rather than resistance”. The book, Lioness, tells the story of a self-styled, luxury guru who faces midlife reckoning amid whispers of fraud, and a new friendship with her charismatic neighbour, Jonathan Mahon-Heap writes for The Guardian.

“There was absolute openness about something that was set in Wellington,” Perkins says.

Perkins’ experience marks a growing interest in New Zealand fiction from readers around the word.

Last year saw a string of globally successful releases from emerging and established New Zealand authors, including Catherine Chidgey, Anna Smaill and Perkins. #BookTok star Chloe Gong shot to the New York Times bestseller list with her new fantasy novella. Eleanor Catton’s latest book, Birnam Wood, secured spots on bestseller lists in the US and the UK. The novel was shortlisted for several UK awards. Chidgey and Catton have also been nominated for the 2024 Dublin literary prize.

Original article by Jonathan Mahon-Heap, The Guardian, January 26, 2024.

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