Comic Cal Wilson Uncovers Who the Hell We Are

Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) sat down with Melbourne-based New Zealand comedian Cal Wilson, 52, to talk about the barely known part of Australian history she uncovers in the SBS series, Who The Bloody Hell Are We?

While Wilson has made her home in Melbourne for the last 20 years, she was born in Christchurch. In the interview, with presenter Saman Shad, Wilson talks about how she was surprised at how much of an impact New Zealanders have had in shaping Australian history and how despite our shared parallel histories, rivalries between Australia and New Zealand remain.

“[What surprised me was] that we have been embedded in the fabric of modern Australia right from the start. And just learning about so many innovations and really positive contributions that we’ve made … It blew my mind that … Māori and Indigenous Australians were trading before white people arrived and I love that.”

Presented by Saman Shad.

Photo by SBS.

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