Brothers Ravenhall Swim Whirlpool with Whisky

Two New Zealand-born UK-based brothers, Alex and Nick Ravenhall, have just completed a crossing of the world’s third largest whirlpool, The Corryvreckan in Scotland, as part of a bid to raise awareness of the world’s vulnerable waterways.

And if that was not challenging enough, the pair completed the swim with bottles of whisky strapped to their bodies, Angus Howarth reports for The Scotsman.

Known as The Whisky Smugglers, the brothers, are embarking on a series of wild water swims in some of the UK’s most treacherous waters to raise money for charity Sea Shepherd New Zealand.

Both work in the new world whisky scene with Nick being managing director for Edinburgh’s Holyrood Distillery, whilst Alex head of events for Atom Brands, Howarth writes.

After the swim, Nick said: “Today’s crossing was the best yet. Perfect conditions with a sunny sky and no wind. We were welcomed to the swim by curious seals, friendly porpoises and watchful sea eagles.”

Original article by Angus Howarth, The Scotsman, August 1, 2021.

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