Michael Braithwaite Builds Story of Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has revealed it wants to attract more local audiences to and transform “elitist” perceptions under a new direction for the annual cultural showpiece, arts journalist Brian Ferguson reports for The Scotsman. However, the Tattoo’s new creative director, New Zealander Michael Braithwaite, has insisted the most popular events of the Tattoo will remain “sacrosanct”.

Extra shows are being planned for future years as part of a shake-up aimed at attracting younger audiences and shedding the event of its “tartan and shortbread” image, Ferguson writes.

Braithwaite was appointed creative director last year, as “the mad professor” of the new Tattoo team.

“We’ll be very much enhancing the bedrock of the show. I never believe in adding effect for effect’s sake,” Braithwaite says. “It’s about building the story and showing all the performers in the best possible light.”

The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo takes place on 5 – 27 August.

Original article by Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, April 27, 2022.

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