Young Surfer Ariana Shewry off to California

In October, Oakura surfer Ariana Shewry will fly to Huntington Beach in California to represent New Zealand at the world junior champs. The 15-year-old recently took visual journalists Andy Jackson and Simon O’Connor on a few training sessions along Taranaki’s Surf Highway 45 and told them about her love of the sport.

Shewry says she loves surfing for the freedom it gives her, and the locations the sport takes her to.

“Dad and I went [to Japan] a few years ago for some comps and I can’t wait to go back again for the good waves, food and people,” she says.

“The Japanese culture was so different from any other one I’ve experienced and I learned a lot from how respectful the people are. The cities were crazy busy, a sea of black hair surrounded by bright lights.

“I would love to go to the Mentawai [Islands] for a surf trip to work on my barrel riding and also Mexico.”

Shewry says if she could invite anyone for dinner it would be fellow surfer, American Carissa Moore.

“She is not only an amazing surfer but also the kindest and friendliest person ever. I look up to her for not only her amazing surfing but also the kind way she treats others.”

Original article by Andy Jackson and Simon O’Connor, Stuff, July 18, 2018.

Photo by Simon O’Connor.

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