Tenth DJ Champ Title for Kalib Strickland

New Zealand DJ Kalib Strickland, 19, who goes by the name DJ K-Swizz, is on a massive high after winning his tenth world DJ championship title, going back-to-back at the Olympics of DJing, the DMC World DJ Championships​ in San Francisco earlier this month, Sam Smith reports for Stuff.

He is the youngest DJ to ever win a world championship and the first from the Southern Hemisphere.

The DMC (Disco Mix Club) champs are competed for annually alongside the other two major DJ competitions, the ITF (International Turntablist Federation) champs and the IDA (International DJ Association) champs. Think of these as being like the DJing equivalent of the belts fought for in world heavyweight boxing, Smith writes.

“I practise between four and eight hours every day and never miss a day. I’ve never missed a day when it comes to battling, never,” Strickland says.

Original article by Sam Smith, Stuff, November 12, 2023.

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