Scientist Harjinder Singh Wins Illustrious US Award

After 30 years of research in the dairy industry, a distinguished service award was well deserved for Massey University professor and food scientist Harjinder​ Singh, 60, who last month became the first New Zealander to win the American Dairy Science Association award at Knoxville in the United States.

Singh is a major figure in the development of dairy science research, having started working at Massey in 1989.

He is now the director of the Riddet Institute at Massey, a national centre of research excellence in food science.

He said his 30 years at Massey had been about developing strong capability in dairy science. He said he had done a lot of fundamental research, but also focused on creating new opportunities.

“Higher quality and more consistent dairy products – the knowledge allows you to add value to the creation of new products,” Singh said.

New foods are a hot topic.

“We need to capture more opportunities, rather than be threatened. I think dairy needs to become more innovative and start offering more trendy options for consumers.”

Original article by George Heagney, Stuff, August 6, 2018.

Photo by Murray Wilson.

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