Electric Plane Set to Deliver Mail Across NZ

Parcels and letters will soon be distributed by electric aircraft between regions of New Zealand as the sparsely populated country embarks on a “new age of propulsion” in its attempts to decarbonise its reliance on aviation, Elias Visontay reports for The Guardian.

Air New Zealand has announced it had purchased a battery-powered, all-electric five seater cargo aircraft, which will be put to use running mail between airports with New Zealand’s postal service from 2026, Visontay writes.

Greg Foran, Air New Zealand’s chief executive, told the Guardian he hopes the airline will be running zero-emissions electric flights carrying passengers by 2030. “With cargo, it becomes a bit easier. And as we get really good at that, then you say all right, well, it’s worked out, what happens if we put some passengers on?”

Original article by Elias Visontay, The Guardian, December 5, 2023.

Photo by Beta Technologies/Air New Zealand.

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