With the Release of Time Flies Ladyhawke Opens Up

New Zealand dance pop artist Pip Brown, better known as Ladyhawke, talks to Belinda Quinn at NME about cancer, homophobia in the music industry and her new album Time Flies.

After a long history of struggling with self-consciousness, Ladyhawke has flicked away her inner critic and fully devoted her attentions to more playful pastures, Quinn writes. “I don’t think about myself like I used to, you know?” Brown, 42, says. “I used to be quite self-involved and worried about everything.”

It’s been 13 years since Ladyhawke first landed with co-signs by Kylie Minogue and Courtney Love. Listening through her back catalogue, what strikes is the sheer variety of synthesised textures she deploys in her music. If you’re in search of fun, eclectic sounds, Brown’s oeuvre is a goldmine. “That’s one of my favourite things,” she adds, “I love quirky sounds.”

Original article by Belinda Quinn, NME, November 19, 2021.

Photo by Lula Cucchiara.

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