Relaxing with Designer Karen Walker

Designer, managing director, and the face of her brand, Karen Walker, apparently also has time for tennis. The New Zealander talks to the Australian Financial Review about how she unwinds.

“I had [tennis] lessons as a kid and used to play regularly but when my daughter was born I resigned my tennis club membership. I picked it up again recently and fell in love again,” Walker explains. “It redirects this (points to brain) away from this (points to smartphone).”

Walker hits the court in Stella McCartney. She swears it makes her play better.

Walker also loves the mobile Words With Friends. “It’s a great way to keep in touch with my brother, who lives in Scotland. We always have a game going. I love yoga too.”

As for music taste: “Lately I’ve been listening to 1970s and ‘80s disco. Who doesn’t love a bit of Donna Summer? And David Bowie.”

“What are your work challenges for the year?” the Review asks Walker.

“Refining what we have rather than adding to it.”

Original article by Katrina Strickland, Australian Financial Review, March 31, 2016.

Photo by Saskia Koerner.

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