NZ attracts Aussie start-ups with funding opportunities

New Zealand is “recruiting actively in Australia” and tries to attract Australian start-ups with their wide funding opportunities.

Banks in New Zealand pay $NZ33 billion to small and medium-sized businesses every year while angel investors invest $NZ50 million on start-ups.

The Maori community is labeled another big investment player of the future because of Treaty settlements as well as their changing focus from primary industries towards new long-term investment opportunities.

Traditional sectors such as agricultural, dairy and tourism have for decades propped up the country’s economy, but the government concedes the time is ripe to diversify its revenue streams.

“For New Zealand to succeed longer term we do have to build our diversity of industry sectors,” Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce told The Australian in Wellington.

Crowd-funding platforms like Snowball Effect or PledgeMe provide a good base for any start-up to succeed.

Alongside with the fact that less Kiwis make the move to Australia New Zealand now highlights that “ (Australians) can just come across and work without a visa and pick up all the benefits of a Kiwi”, according to Mr. Joyce.

Article Source: The Australian, Fran Foo, April 07, 2015

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