FIFA’s Sarai Bareman Readies for Women’s Cup

Ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Sarai Bareman, the association’s chief women’s football officer, was recently interviewed by The Weekend Australian Magazine. Bareman discusses which team she supports and how she sees the women’s tournament breaking stereotypes.

“You were born in Auckland, to a Samoan mother and a Dutch father. How do you decide which team to support?” The Australian’s Fiona Harari asks.

“I support New Zealand. The only time I’m conflicted is when New Zealand plays Samoa; I have a very strong link to Samoa so I do switch my allegiance when they’re playing each other … and I support the Netherlands in football,” Bareman says.

“Football is historically male dominated,” Bareman says. “If you look at our 211 member associates around the world, the president and general secretaries of the majority of organisations are men. With the World Cup, every four years those decision makers are exposed to the full potential of women’s football. They see the commercial value. They see the full stadiums. They see the game being cast all over the world. The naysayers suddenly get their eyes opened and they understand the power of the game and that it’s the biggest growth opportunity for football today.”

Original article by Fiona Harari, The Australian, July 8, 2023.

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