TikTok for Good Award Goes to Jazz Thornton

It’s not quite the silver screen, but for the savants of the 16×9 phone screen, TikTok’s second annual For You Fest held in Sydney celebrates the top tier of talent to trends, including New Zealand mental health activist, author and filmmaker Jazz Thornton. Bianca Farmakis reports on the event for The Australian’s culture site, The Oz.

Thornton, 27, was awarded the “TikTok for Good”.

Reflecting on her success, Thornton tells The Oz, the platform gave her “the ability to create content to sit with people at their lowest.”

In her acceptance speech, the award-winning director and ‘token New Zealander’ was grateful to create the content her “12 year old self” wanted, after growing up in and out of psych wards.

Original article by Bianca Farmakis, The Oz, The Australian, December 15, 2022.

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