Jon Stevens Takes Best Of Tour to NSW

“After a career spanning decades, rock musician Jon Stevens has finally taken time to reflect on his greatest hits — and take them on the road” with his ‘best of tour’ around Australia. The tour features hits from across his vast career, writes Stacey Roberts in an article for The Daily Telegraph.

Stevens, who “Stevens has taken the tour to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania so far” said “the response from fans had been ‘fantastic’”.

“They’re loving the classics. A lot of songs I haven’t played for many years and even for me it’s fresh doing them again. And I forgot how powerful some of those songs are,” he said.

“Stevens described the show — which will include hits like Welcome To The World’, ‘Lock N Load’, ‘Don’t Change’ and ‘Superstar’ — as a “full on love fest” and plenty of fun,” reports Roberts.

“The public have been so embracing of the whole thing, and I’m touring with my band which (has) amazing musicians, and it’s just the full rock show, high energy,” he said.

Stevens has also been working on a new album, which he hopes to release later this year.

“For now, Stevens said he was enjoying being back on the road and visiting places he has not been to in a long time, including venues outside the capital cities and a ‘conscious choice to go back to the pubs’”.

Article Source: The Daily Telegraph, Stacey Roberts, February 28, 2018
Image Source: Twitter – JonStevens

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