Evocative Portraits of LA Homeless in Close Up

Hamilton-based photographer and graphic designer Michael Pharaoh’s gripping series of portraits “The Homeless of LA” evoke, in tremendous detail, the identity of Hollywood’s homeless population in a series of muted yet stylistically gorgeous close-ups, The Huffington Post describes.

“[The project] was fascinating to me because we don’t have the same plethora of homeless people as Los Angeles,” Pharaoh, 22, explained in a statement for the series. “It was interesting to hear all of their stories and how they came to live on the streets. This project was both a sad yet humbling one.”

While the homeless population is all too often treated as invisible, Pharaoh’s high definition portraits explore every facet of their visages to capture a striking and honest portrait of a complete stranger.

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Behind the Blissed-Out Comeback of Lorde

Behind the Blissed-Out Comeback of Lorde

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