Cold-Blooded Chic

New Zealand clothing manufacturer Rodd & Gunn have designed the country’s priciest piece of luggage ever made, from the skins of ten crocodiles. With the price for the large bag set at AU$30,250 and the small bag at AU$24,750 it raises the bar of excess. Over 150 hours of design and craftsmanship were put into the crocodile luggage and with only two being produced, they’re about as limited edition as it gets. Even the managing director of Rodd & Gunn Mike Beagley admits he isn’t sure who would buy such a bag. “I think it will be a hereditary piece that someone will buy and hand down to their children, and then their children’s children. It has a lifetime guarantee so it will be a family heirloom,” The bags will take pride of place in Rodd & Gunn’s new Sydney International Airport store, hoping to catch the eye of a “discerning traveller”. “If it doesn’t sell within a month, we’ll move it to another store,” Beagley said. “If it doesn’t sell there, I guess I’ll have two great pieces of croc luggage to add to my collection.”

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