Broods Embark on a Dream Adventure

From New York on the eve of Broods’ first full tour of the United States, the Nelson-born brother sister act, Georgia and Caleb Nott, talk with Vancouver’s Straight about trading in university for the life of a touring pop-music group.

Georgia admits that she’s marvelling at where she finds herself in 2014, and not just because she’s already accomplished more at age 19 than most folks will in their lives. What has the New Zealand native excited is that she’s about to embark on a dream adventure.

“We’ve been here for about a week now,” she says. “We just finished a video shoot in LA, which was scary. It was our first experience creating a video for our music with all these expensive cameras all around.”

Following the end of the band Peasants, both Nott kids decided to make their parents happy by enrolling in college, Georgia studying music theory and her brother immersing himself in the world of design. That didn’t last long. Although Broods started as a post-Peasants side project it quickly blossomed into something more, with their hit single “Bridges” going Top 10 in New Zealand.

Today, university is no longer on the schedule. And, as one might expect, there’s zero regret about that in Nott’s voice, which is no great shocker considering that she’s getting paid to hang out in New York and see the rest of North America.

Original article by Mike Usinger,, May 7, 2014.

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