Georgia Nott Reborn as Georgia Gets By

With four studio albums under their belt, the Nelson brother-sister act BROODS remains a beacon not just of radiant sound, but of soul-stirring emotion – and with the release of Georgia Nott’s first solo EP, we can start to understand why, Mitch Mosk writes for independent music journal, Atwood Magazine.

Beautifully intimate and achingly raw, Nott, 29, is reborn as Georgia Gets By, releasing Fish Bird Baby Boy. Blending the sharp, catchy pop songwriting style she’s refined and finessed over the years with darker, heavier indie rock and indie folk elements, Nott emerges with an identity that is at once familiar, and yet fresh and new – creating a breathtaking, shiver-inducing, and cathartic experience for all, Mosk writes.

For Nott, Georgia Gets By is a reflection of her truest self. “It’s the most angsty version of me – the part that I try to act like I’ve outgrown of but still rules my big little heart,” Nott admits. “BROODS is obviously a combination of Caleb and I, but this is my end of the Venn Diagram.”

Original article by Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine, October 6, 2023.

Photo by Silken Weinberg.

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