Milky Day Draws on Struggles to Create New EP

Korean New Zealander Milky Day tells digital music site Atwood Magazine about changing his life path to music, wanting to be genre-fluid, and how he turned his personal struggles into his upcoming EP.

Milky Day is a singer, songwriter and producer. Leaving his math major at Massachusetts’ Amherst College behind, he decided to pursue music right before the pandemic hit. Now residing in Sydney, Milky travelled to New York to film the music video of Losing My Grip in collaboration with the creative collective Soulace. He is one to watch in the R&B scene, but talks about his desire to pursue different sounds and to never box himself in, Freya Rinaldi writes for Atwood.

“My EP touches on concepts of mental health issues, struggling with finding direction in your life, and the fight to overcome your inner demons,” Milky Day explains.

Original article by Freya Rinaldi, Atwood Magazine, July 28, 2023.

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