Peter Snell Knighted

New Zealand three-time Olympic gold medalist Dr Peter Snell, who is based in Dallas, was honoured twice this year for his athletic career. Snell was knighted in August and his likeness commemorated in a bronze statue unveiled in Whanganui at the site where on January 27, 1962, he broke the world record of 3 minutes, 54.5 seconds in the 1-mile run with a time of 3 minutes and 54.4 seconds. The statue is based on a photograph of Snell crossing the finish line. “It was a tremendous, rewarding experience,” Snell said of the knighting ceremony, the first of its kind in almost a decade. “It was certainly unique to have been part of that ceremony, and it’s a pleasure to be honored in this way.” Snell is director of the UT Southwestern Human Performance Laboratory, where he conducts exercise and metabolic studies on patients with a variety of adverse metabolic conditions. He is interested in exercise training and its impact on athletic performance, aging and health, particularly the prevention of heart disease.

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