Arctic Ultra Fourth for Tim Hamlin

Originally from Gore, Melbourne-based Tim Hamlin completed the 6633 Arctic Ultra marathon in March, a self-supported race that sees athletes travel 617km through the Canadian Arctic in just nine days. It was Hamlin’s second attempt at the race, said to be the windiest, coldest and toughest in the world, Kiah Radcliffe reports for the Southland Times.

Hamlin placed fourth out of the athletes who finished on time. Just six athletes completed the 2023 race, from a starting field of 21, Radcliffe writes.

Group manager of entertainment services at NOVA Entertainment in Australia, Hamlin said he is not really an “athlete guy”, although there was a fair measure of self-deprecation in that statement.

Hamlin has run marathons, completed the long course Ironman, the Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara Desert and kayaked the Murray River in Australia.

“I just put my mind to it and do it,” he said.

But the Arctic Ultra was by far the most challenging event he had ever finished.

Original article by Kiah Radcliffe, Stuff, April 13, 2023,

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