Adam Christopher Discusses His Star Wars Novels

In an interview with American media website CNET, Auckland-born UK-based author Adam Christopher, 44, reveals how he came up with Rey’s parents’ names and how his latest Star Wars novel, Shadow of the Sith, dives into creepy, fascinating Sith lore.

Christopher, whose previous work includes superhero-noir adventure Empire State, the sci-fi horror Spider War series and Stranger Things tie-in novel Darkness on the Edge of Town.

The book reveals that Rey’s parents, previously glimpsed only in flashback in The Rise of Skywalker, are called Dathan and Miramir.

“With Miramir, I wanted a kind of fantasy name,” Christopher explains. “There’s a place in Wellington in New Zealand called Miramar, which is where Weta Studios, who made Lord of the Rings, are based. I just typed it in, switched some of the letters and I was like ‘Well hang on – that sounds really cool.’ It had a kind of magical quality, it sounds almost Elven.”

Christopher’s Shadow of the Sith recently made The New York Times hardcover fiction bestselling list.

Original article by Sean Keane, CNET, July 12, 2022.

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