Yogi Kate Middleton Holds Her Breath in Camel

New Zealander Kate Middleton, 29, is the woman behind a series of images which feature the yoga instructor and freediver performing incredible underwater acts, the Daily Mail reports.

Middleton can hold her breath for an astonishing six-and-a-half-minutes underwater, performing camel yoga poses on a swimming pool floor.

She has amassed somewhat of a cult following on social media since she landed in Indonesia when she was 20 years old and created a new life for herself.

“It was here that I journeyed deeper into yoga and learned to freedive,” Middleton writes on her website.

Middleton admitted she used to live with a debilitating eating disorder, but finally found her freedom with the help of yoga, meditation, freediving (she can dive without a breath to over 88m) and nutrition to “shed layers of painful conditioning”.

She has set 14 New Zealand freediving national records.

Middleton runs a yoga business in the Gili Islands.

Original article by Kate Darvall, Daily Mail Australia, February 11, 2017.

Photo by Kate Middleton Yoga.

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