Yealands Completes NZ’s Largest Solar Panel Installation

“The Yealands Wine Group has put up New Zealand’s largest solar panel installation at its vineyard in Marlborough as it reinforces its claim to be the most sustainable winery in the world,” as reported in an article on The Drinks Business.

“By increasing the size of our solar array we will decrease our reliance on the national grid and generate 30% of the power we require to power our tank coolers, computers, you name it,” said Peter Yealands, founder and principal of the company.

“I’ve always been passionate about renewable energy and also about self-reliance. We have been carbon neutral since inception but that doesn’t mean we can just sit back – our new solar panels will further help reduce our carbon emissions and keep us true to our claim of being the most sustainable winery in the world,” he said.

“The new investment in renewable energy means that Yealands is now capable of generating 411.12 kiloWatts of solar power, which is equivalent to powering 86 New Zealand homes, and will offset 82 tonnes of CO2 emissions,” according to the article.

In 2015, Yealands reduced CO2 emissions by 90 metric tonnes. With the new installation, the carbon footprint is expected to be cut by a further 82 tonnes annually.

Article Source: The Drinks Business, October 17, 2016

Image Source: Twitter – Yealands Family Wines

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