NZ Researchers Argue James Bond Has Drinking Problem

Researchers from New Zealand’s University of Otago and the UK’s University of Oxford “have published a study in the Medical Journal of Australia’s Christmas issue which they say proves that Ian Fleming’s fictional character James Bond has “a severe chronic alcohol problem”. Phoebe French reports for The Drinks Business.

The report, titled Licence to swill: James Bond’s drinking over six decades “noted that Bond has a total of 109 ‘drinking events’, with a mean of 4.5 events per film. This, they noted, meant that his blood alcohol level was around 0.36 g/dL, which is ‘sufficient to kill some people’.”

The tongue-in-cheek article noted there is “strong and consistent evidence that James Bond has a chronic alcohol consumption problem “severe” end of the spectrum.”

“He should seek professional help and try to find other strategies for managing occupational stress. His workplace (MI6) needs to become a responsible employer and to refer him to support services, and to change its own workplace drinking culture”.

“Bond’s drinking was reported to be particularly dangerous in view of the activities he chose to engage in following a Martini or two. These included: getting in a fight, driving vehicles (including in chases), high stakes gambling, operating complex machinery or devices, contact with dangerous animals, extreme athletic performance, and sex with enemies, sometimes with guns or knives in the bed,” writes French.

Article Source: The Drinks Business, Phoebe French, December 10, 2018

Image Source: Youtube

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