“The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes”

“Whether you know someone who has and loves them, or you’ve just seen enough colorful, plush-looking sneakers walking around to note the style, you’ve likely already come into contact with the San Francisco brand Allbirds,” writes Mara Leighton in an article for Business Insider’s Insider Picks.

After noticing the “properties of merino wool and their implications” founder Tim Brown, who grew up in New Zealand, “spent years researching and testing along with engineer and renewables expert Joey Zwillinger to make the perfect wool fabric made specifically for footwear.” “The result is likely the most comfortable footwear option you can imagine being real,” writes Leighton.

Allbirds use superfine New Zealand merino wool and fibers that are 20% the diameter of a human hair, so their products have all the wool benefits without being scratchy.

“While Allbirds is best known for its trademark Wool Runner” the team at Insider Picks tried Allbirds’ newest model – the Wool Lounger.

“Both options are great, but if you’re looking for as diverse a shoe as possible, the Lounger seems like a more obvious pick. While the runners weren’t made to take on marathons, the Loungers similarly aren’t made just to pace the house,” writes Leighton.

Their loungers have “the insane comfort of a house slipper, but the stylish loafer shape that means you can wear yours to brunch, a museum, or a five-star dinner.”

Leighton describes the shoes as fantastic option for travelling, as well as in summer as “the insole is replaceable” and “the entire shoe is machine-washable.”

“They are ridiculously soft, breathable, and supportive. The insole feels bouncy, the body feels like one long, comfortable sock that moves seamlessly when you move, and the sole is sturdy but really lightweight,” Leighton writes.

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Article Source: Business Insider, Mara Leighton, December 11, 2017
Image Source: Twitter – Allbirds

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