Local Merino Sellers Attract Ethical Australian Producers to Stem Shortfall

New Zealand is known for its jaw-dropping scenery, first-class food and wine, and sheep – lots of them. But since the 1980s the national flock has been in decline, Laurissa Smith reports for ABC News. That is an issue for a number of businesses, including marketing and innovation firm New Zealand Merino Company.

It now sells wool to more than 130 brands, covering everything from luxury fashion to footwear, Smith writes.

But demand for merino wool is outstripping supply in New Zealand, despite wool only making up 1 per cent of the world’s textile fibres.

New Zealand Merino Company’s Australian regional manager Steve Wainewright said that for the past five years, the company had been sourcing additional wool for its customers from Australia. It now has about 130 Australian woolgrowers on the books, providing the business with 15 per cent of its needs.

“In the past two or so years, New Zealand Merino has really stepped up and that’s aligned with the growing demand from brand partners for wool in this space,” Wainewright said.

Original article by Laurissa Smith, ABC News, August 25, 2023.

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