Self-Transcendence Fuels Susan Marshall on Long Run

Aucklander Susan Marshall, 38, has been in New York City, competing in the world’s longest certified footrace, the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100-Mile Race Jonathon Gul, ABC News reports.

Marshall’s days began at 6am in Queens, and every day she ran endless circuits of a single city block, less than a kilometre in length, pushing all the way until the circuit closed at midnight. The next day she would get up and do it again.

Nearly 100km a day, every day for 51 days. If you were to run one lap of the course a day, you would still be going 15 years later.

After 3100 miles, she was the first woman to cross the line, cementing her place in athletics history, Gul reports for the broadcaster.

She had begun following the teachings of the race’s founder, running legend and spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy.

“The philosophy of self-transcendence, and using sport as a vehicle to discover more about ourselves,” Canberra-based Marshall said.

Original article by Jonathon Gul, ABC News, October 30, 2022.

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