Wines Making the Cut

Cinema celebrities New Zealanders Michael Seresin and Sam Neill are two of a growing number of filmmakers turning their knowledge of a good drop into winemaking. The Australian’s Michael Bodey brings his “critical faculties to the job of critiquing filmmakers doubling as vignerons.” “A bevy of friends assembled to assess the merits of wines made by Neill, Francis Ford Coppola, Gerard Depardieu and Midnight Express cinematographer Seresin. His Seresin Estate 2010 Sauvignon Blanc aspired to be a decent wine and it got there. So much so, guests were quick to agree Seresin shot the best Harry Potter film, too, The Prisoner of Azkaban. Neill’s Two Paddocks wines are crackers, divided between his amiable Picnic range of pinot noir and riesling, and the more serious Two Paddocks Pinot Noir.”

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