US Shows for Auckland band The Beths

As The Beths make their way across the United States for a sold-out gig in Boston, it’s a good time to celebrate a strange band on a normal rock ’n’ roll tour. Fronted by Liz Stokes, the New Zealand quartet play a lot of high-energy rock akin to early Weezer with Beach Boys harmonies and dark lyrics, Jed Gottlieb reports for the Boston Herald.

“When we play live, it’s two guitars, bass and drums, so the next thing we have access to if we want to add another texture is singing,” Stokes said. “It made sense to add harmonies so almost immediately we started arranging really hard stuff, stuff that’s hard to sing and play at the same time.”

With album three started but a ways off, The Beths launched this tour (after loads of Covid-related delays) with stand-alone single “A Real Thing”, Gottlieb writes.

After their final show in the US in Minneapolis on 4 March, The Beths play Australia and New Zealand before a UK and Europe tour throughout April.

Original article by Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald, February 20, 2022.

Photo by Frances Carter.

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