Tracking Morrison

Actor Temuera Morrison stars in the Ian Sharp film Tracker, set in New Zealand in 1903. Tracker also stars Ray Winstone (The Departed, Nil by Mouth) who plays Arjan, an ex-Boer War guerilla sent out to bring back Maori man Kereama (Morrison) accused of killing a British soldier. Gradually they grow to know and respect one another but a posse, led by the British Commanding officer, is close behind and his sole intention is to see the Maori hang. Empire’s Alex Billington said: “This is the first time I’ve heard of this film, but it’s now on my radar, and I’ll definitely be seeking it out at an upcoming film festival, most likely. I like both Winstone and Morrison enough to be interested in seeing how this story plays out.” Tracker is a UK/New Zealand co-production by Eden Films and T.H.E. Film in association  with Phoenix Wiley & Liberty Films. Filming began in early November.

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