Terracotta Warriors Exhibition Launches at Te Papa

Te Papa’s latest landmark exhibition Terracotta Warriors: Guardians of Immortality has launched. Xinhua reports. “The exhibition features eight warriors standing 180 cm tall, and two full-size horses from the famous terracotta army, as well as two half-size replica bronze horse-drawn chariots.”

“The terracotta army represents a pinnacle of ancient Chinese art and civilization, and is one of the eight wonders in the world. The exhibition has offered an excellent opportunity for the ancient Chinese civilization to interact with young civilization in New Zealand,” said Wu Xi, China’s Ambassador to New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Niue.

“New Zealand’s relationship with China is one of our most important and far-reaching relationships, based on mutual benefit and mutual respect,” New Zealand Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis said.

“This important relationship is much more than selling things to each other and today’s exhibition is a great example of cooperation of other areas.”

“Terracotta Warriors exhibition is a cornerstone of the New Zealand program for 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism and the year of tourism is going to focus on increasing the quality of experience interest in both ways. The exhibition will encourage more New Zealanders to continue the journey to engagement and understand China, one of our most important partners,” he said.

The exhibition will be open until April 22, 2019.

Article Source: Xinhua, Liangyu, December 13, 2018

Image Source: Twitter – Te Papa

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