Speed Flyer Jamie Lee Skims Beauteous Landscapes

One of the world’s top speed flyers New Zealander Jamie Lee, 25, was recently filmed zooming down the hills surrounding Lake Wanaka just inches from the ground.

Taking off from a hilltop with a running jump, skydiving instructor Lee skirts just above the rocky ground for his entire three-minute flight, reaching speeds of 120kmph.

Lee shows off his impressive skills by weaving expertly through every small dip in the landscape.

But despite seeming inches from a crunching impact with the ground Lee says he feels “peaceful” when he flies.

Lee said: “It takes years of practice to learn to foot launch and fly these very small wings so close to the ground.

“I have been paragliding for over five years and I’ve been getting closer to the ground the more in tune with the wings I am.

“Sometimes I’ll brush the tops of the bushes when I choose to.

“When I’m flying I feel very peaceful. It’s a flowing state of consciousness and no other thoughts enter my mind.”

Original article by Bridie Pearson-Jones, Daily Mail, January 18, 2018.

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