New Zealand’s Vernacular Confuses American

An American living in New Zealand has shared some of the differences she’s experienced since moving – with phrases like “up the Wahs” leaving her completely puzzled, Emily Lefroy writes for the UK’s Daily Mail.

Kayla, who moved from New York City to Auckland in August, has documented her move and life overseas on TikTok, with some things taking a little longer than others to get used to, Lefroy reports.

Another word is “arvo”, which she heard when looking for a flat to live in.

“I was going to view a flat and the girl who was showing it to me ‘can you come this arvo’,” she said incredulously. “Like, I don’t know, maybe?”

The other word she’s had to Google is “tramping”, which she admitted was one of the more crucial words she learned.

“This one is important for me to know cos I’m planning on doing a lot of this over the next few weeks while I’m in New Zealand,” she said.

Original article by Emily Lefroy, Daily Mail, December 31, 2023.

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