NZ Speed Flyers Swoop in Extreme Sport Doco

New Zealand speed flyers Jamie Lee and Malachi Templeton are two extreme-sports thrill-seekers who feature in the documentary, Reset, which is directed by Frenchman Thierry Donard, considered “the Fellini of adventure film-making”.

“Speed flying,” according to The Guardian’s Cath Clarke, “looks a like super-fast, super-dangerous form of paragliding. The film follows a pair of shaggy-haired barefoot dudes, Lee and Templeton from New Zealand, as they take a running jump off Mont Blanc strapped to tiny paragliders which, to the untrained eye, look like glorified umbrellas.

“The pair hurtle down the mountain, inches above the rocks, whooping with the intoxicating, hedonistic thrill of it. Afterwards, Lee shrugs off the risk of death with a Zen smile: ‘If that’s the way my body leaves this vessel …’”

Reset combines some astonishingly beautiful images with guts-in-your-mouth thrilling sequences,” Clarke writes.

Original article by Cath Clarke, The Guardian, July 21, 2021.

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