Coronet Peak Star Natalie Urbani Skis a Title

Queenstown’s Natalie Urbani wrapped up the 2023 season with a “whopping 109 days on the mountains, 1,282,575 vertical metres and a total of 3574 runs”, essentially skiing down Mt Everest approximately 145 times, a Coronet Peak Instagram post declared.

In short, Urbani’s earned herself the well-deserved title of “local legend”, Ian Greenwood writes in an article about the avid sportswoman published online by Powder magazine.

“[Skiing is not all about] swanky outerwear, helicopters, or massive backflips,” Greenwood writes.

“Okay, maybe it’s sometimes about those things. But it’s also about people like Urbani – the revered resort or backcountry spot locals, who, quite frankly, probably don’t give a sh*t about the latest and greatest thing in skiing.

“They just want to go skiing, rain, snow, or shine. Everything else is set dressing.”

Original article by Ian Greenwood, Powder, October 25, 2023.

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