Running Gets Epic in Asics’ Biggest Global Campaign

Asics has just launched its biggest ever global campaign with an epic new advertisement which was shot on location in New Zealand, and features crowds of runners summoned by a hunting horn as they run through the stunning landscape.

The ad features locations used in the “Lord of the Rings” as well as featuring six Asics sponsored professional from various running disciplines including triathlete Gwen Jorgensen, hurdler and sprinter Queen Harrison, 800m runner Ryan Martin, training and fitness athlete Rosario Rios-Aguilar and trail runners Sissi Cussot and Genis Zapater .

Created by 180 Amsterdam, the ad features a cast of 150 real-life runners (amplified by CGI crowd-replication technology from MPC to look like a cast of thousands) and the tagline is “It’s a big world. Go run it.”

Al Moseley, president and chief creative officer at 180 Amsterdam, told Creativity: “It was very important to us that everyone featured in the ad was a real runner. There are no actors whatsoever. We had seven featured runners — all street-cast real runners who live in New Zealand, each with their own unique passion for a variety of types of running. For example, Chris, the runner who blows the horn and reaches the top first, is a trail runner and triathlete. He even ran to the audition after a race.”

Eva Sutter, global advertising manager at Asics, confirmed the ad is the brand’s biggest-ever global campaign.

“The film shows that we are more ambitious, more inspirational and more adventurous than ever before,” said Sutter. “Even on set, it was fantastic to see how much our athletes were inspired by the environment they were in.”

Article source: Creativity Online, 19 February 2015

Image: YouTube/Asics

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