Rodin Reveals Formula One-Like Hypercar

The car you see here might look and drive like a Formula One model, but it’s actually the work of a New Zealand-based hypercar brand, Rodin Cars, Sam Jeremic writes in a motoring story for The West Australian.

The brainchild of billionaire David Dicker, co-founder and chief executive of tech company Dicker Data, the Rodin FZED single-seater is based on the Lotus T125 track car which aimed to be as close as an everyday driver could get to an F1 car, Jeremic writes.

The FZED will hit 160km/h in just 5.0 seconds and tops out at 300km/h, helped by weighing just 609kg, minus the driver.

The first five FZEDs are currently being assembled, each starting at US$650,000.

Dicker said the FZED was aimed at experienced drivers wanting an F1-like experience, minus the cost, complexity and risk associated with owning an actual historic F1 vehicle.

“The beauty of the Rodin FZED is that you get the Grand Prix experience: the speed, the power, the downforce and cornering grip, in a package that has been designed for easy access and reliable performance,” Dicker said.

“It looks like a Grand Prix car and it goes like a Grand Prix car, but it has none of the complications associated with running an old Grand Prix racer.

“Currently you cannot buy a car like this anywhere in the world at any price.”

Rodin Cars is based at Lyford in the South Island.

Original article by Sam Jeremic, The West Australian, October 30, 2019.

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