Reform Studio’s Yvette McGaffin on Her Lifestyle

New Zealander Yvette McGaffin, 32, runs Reform Studios in Belfast and Edinburgh. McGaffin talks to the Belfast Telegraph about her lifestyle choices.

McGaffin says she trains at the boutique gym every day.

“Ideally in one of our team’s Reform classes if I can nab a space or there’s a late cancellation,” she says. “Reformer Pilates is an evolution of traditional Pilates techniques using a resistance sprung machine that offers more support to the body. This allows the user to isolate and target specific muscle groups while increasing strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. It creates a fantastic balance through the body, which in turn helps avoid injury. Alternatively, I’ll jump on a cross trainer I have at home or nip out for a run if the weather’s nice. I love going to other reformer Pilates studios when I’m away from home.

“I have a pretty balanced diet and am pescatarian by choice. My body doesn’t process meat well and I feel better without it. I’m a believer in everything in moderation.

“For mental health, always talking things out until the issue is solved. To calm the mind, you need to work the body, and so making sure daily exercise is a habit I guess.”

McGaffin co-founded Reform Studios with her husband Neal in 2015.

Original article by Belfast Telegraph, June 19, 2018.

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