Persian Influences Define CHAII’s Unique New EP

CHAII is of New Zealand’s “most formidable new artists”, according to Happy’s Dan Shaw. On top of a string of singles, she provided the soundtrack to a Fendi campaign and is the first New Zealander to become a Spotify Radar artist. She has also just put out her debut EP, the six-track Lightswitch.

Integrating Persian influences into her unique productions, often rapping in Farsi, her music is a whirlwind of uptempo hip hop, that has all the grit and grime of a punk show, underpinned by grooves that are ready for the club, Shaw reports for Happy, an online Australian music news site. What’s more, CHAII is committed to the DIY production ethos, which also extends into videos and artwork, driven by a passion that was sparked in her school days.

“I produced half of the tracks on the Lightswitch EP and the other half was produced by the incredible Frank Keys,” CHAII explains.

“I got into making beats in high school when my music teacher set up a studio in our class. I absolutely fell in love with it all, making beats, recording, mixing. I feel I was very lucky to have ever been introduced to that side of things.”

CHAII is originally from Ahwaz, Iran. She emigrated to New Zealand when she was eight.

Original article by Dan Shaw, Happy, August 1, 2020.

Photo by Abe Mora.

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