PRINS on Visual Side of Music & Her New Single ‘Notion’

“Fresh off the release of her incredible new single Notion,” music magazine Happy “caught up with New Zealand-based artist PRINS for a chat.”

When asked how it feels to have Notion out in the world, PRINS replied:

“It feels great, although I’m already onto the next thing, constantly want to push more music into the world.”

“The track is a funky summer jam about learning to lose yourself in the moment and let go. I wanted to write something uplifting and easy that people could really vibe to.”

The music magazine commented on the visual element of her music. PRINS explained:

“The visual side is very important to me. I wanted to make a bold statement – I’ve always been a dancer, actor and singer so for me the whole package is what I want to give to people especially when it comes to being versatility. I’m planning on showing that with each new track I release.”

“With the amount of social media influence and digital platforms, the image can change a lot of things. This can definitely be used in both positive and negative aspects though, for example, sometimes a song can be lifted purely by the impact of a visual or video. Hence why the whole package to me is so important.”

PRINS said she had some big plans moving forward. “Basically a ton of music and looking at ways to kick the more live performances into gear. The years going to be huge I feel!”

“Alannah PRINS, 24, is an Auckland-born singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and model. From the age of 5, her passion for the arts has been her fuel for needing to succeed in music. Spending the last 5 years in Christchurch, she has been establishing herself with the release of her successful first two tracks ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Oh Well’,” as reported by the NZ Music Commission.

Article Source: Happy, March 13, 2019

Image Source: YouTube

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