Paul Barron Has Hand in Parisian Coffee Revolution

There’s a lot to love about Paris’s cafe culture, everything bar the coffee, according to the Australian’s travel writer Christine McCabe. But as it turned out, McCabe found coffee is having a bit of a revolution in the French capital. And one newly opened café, co-owned by New Zealander Paul Barron is showing the Parisians the light.

McCabe discovered Le Peloton Café across the Seine in the Marais.

“Le Peloton is run by Barron and American Christian Osborn, who own the popular Bike About Tours. This convivial little café has a couple of tables on the pavement and a dozen stools at the bar where you can browse cycling guides to Paris while tucking into the outstanding jambon and fromage waffles.

“The coffee is excellent and gets a double thumbs-up from [McCabe’s] son. The success of the enterprise might have something to do with Barron’s Wellington roots (a city famous for its coffee) although he’s lived in Paris for 14 years. Open only a couple of months when we visit, Le Peloton already seems established as a neighbourhood favourite, with local store holders and expats bustling in out of the cold for a quick chat and a latte.”

Original article by Christine McCabe, The Australian, February 27, 2016.

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