Allbirds’ Tim Brown & Jamie McLellan Talk to Idealog

Watch this clip, published by Idealog, to see Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown and designer Jamie McLellan talk about bringing their vision to life. Allbirds flagship shoe is the Wool Runner made from New Zealand superfine merino wool.

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  • Daphne Maud Martin - 9:34 pm on October 12th, 2018
    Love your shoes... I'm 76 and now I have two pairs.. Two things...... 1.can you do a little reinforcing on the toe. I find where I have a bit of a bump on my toe the lining is starting to wear away... Minor I know... Just a thought.. 2. I don't suppose you donate to any non profit charities... I am part of Post Natal Depression Canterbury... We could really use a pair to raffle/auction off to raise much needed funds... Just another random thought. We are used to refusal, so we won't feel let down... I, personally am proud to wear shoes designed by good looking kiwis... Thanks Regards... Daphne Maud Martin...
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